Hypnosis TV show update (10-19-12)

Four months ago (June 2012) I announced to my email list (and blog) that I wanted to create a hypnosis TV show.

And I just want to thank all of you for your support. Last month I had three great conversations.

  • I met a hypnotherapist who’s a former radio producer who’s happy to share her thoughts on making a successful show.
  • A non-hypnotherapist colleague said she has TV contacts she can introduce me to when I’m ready.
  • A new contact said he may be interested in financing the idea.
One idea I had was also brought up by a few people: to create Web episodes before pitching the TV show idea to a production company/TV network.
It makes sense to prove that there’s an audience for this type of show before asking a TV executive to risk big money.

Here’s my question.

Do you know someone who would feel comfortable having their sessions filmed for the upcoming Web-based episodes?

If you know someone who’d be interested, have them email me directly with “Hypnosis TV show” as the subject line. They’ll get a discount on their hypnosis fee as a thank you for letting me film them.

My email address is below.
wsong [then put the “at” symbol] habitproject.com

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