Part 1: Kristen Stewart cheats with Rupert Sanders, and the bigger hypnosis question

Recently the actress, Kristen Stewart, was caught having an affair with her married director (“Snow White and the Huntsman”), Rupert Sanders. When celebrities cheat, people judge them assuming it’s about lust. But sometimes it’s deeper.

Each of us has two minds. We have the conscious mind; the adult that’s responsible, logical, and cares about the long term. We have the subconscious mind; the child that’s driven by pleasure, emotion, and cares about the present. Or it can be self-destructive.

When we balance our adult and child, we’re in harmony. But if we’re out of balance, the child can dominate, focusing on short-term pleasure and ignoring future consequences. Here’s an example.

“Jane” grew up with abusive parents. She grew up believing that she was worthless and didn’t deserve happiness. When her first boyfriend got serious, Jane felt happy. But her subconscious thought, “Jane’s happy? She doesn’t deserve this. I’ll sabotage her!” Then her subconscious pushed Jane to cheat on her boyfriend. And her subconscious kept pushing until Jane cheated. And Jane will keep cheating until her beliefs change.

Does this mean that Stewart and Sanders are doomed to repeat the cheating cycle? No. It depends upon the complexity of the beliefs that led to the cheating. If it’s a simple belief they can change on their own, they may be faithful after this. But if it’s too complex, they may cheat again unless they get help.

Hypnotherapy can help resolve beliefs. People often criticize celebrities, but if we look past the fame and money, we’re all human. We have all done self-destructive things. The main difference is that for most of us, the rest of the world just doesn’t get to watch us self-destruct.

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