Trouble sleeping? Let your iPhone help

You may know that people use hypnosis, acupuncture, sleeping pills, and even food to help with sleep. But a cell phone? I found out about this free app on

Zeo Inc. (a technology company focused on sleep) just launched Sleep101 for the iPhone. Here’s the itunes link.

If you’ve seen sleep equipment, you’re probably thinking that using a smartphone by itself won’t be as accurate as using special equipment such as a wristband or headband. And I think that’s a fair concern. With that said, it’s a free app and may be good enough. If you don’t like it, just ask for your money back. 🙂

Since I have an Android phone, I can’t play with the app. If you own an iPhone and want to test it out, feel free to post your feedback below. Here are my questions: Is it easy to use? Accurate? Since it gives sleep advice, was it useful advice?

I tend to be a late adopter of technology, so until about three months ago, I had a regular cell phone and only made calls on it. Now that I have a smartphone, I’m amazed at all it can do. If you know of an app that helps people with their health, post a quick note below. I may write about it.

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