Walking Hypnosis

Walking in a more focused way helps you to live a happier and more productive life. Here’s one simple way to walk.

By the way, though you’ll be in a light hypnotic state, remember to be aware of people, cars, bikes, etc., so you can walk safely.

1. Focus on your body.
As you walk a tad slower than usual, focus on your body.

  • Focus on how your heel lands, how your foot rolls on the ground.
  • Focus on your limbs moving, your breathing, etc.
  • As you notice one area of your body, start noticing another and another.

2. Focus on your body + focus on the visual.
As you focus on your body, also focus on what you see.

  • As you see things, simply notice or acknowledge what you see.
  • If you see a painting, rather than judge it good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, simply note that you observe it.
  • In other words, the goal is to objectively observe the world rather than evaluate it.

3. Focus on your body + focus on the visual + focus on the auditory.
Now that you’ve focused on your body and the visual, add what you hear.

  • As you hear sounds, simply notice or acknowledge what you hear.
  • If you hear someone speaking, rather than judge what they say as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, simply note that you heard a voice.
  • In other words, the goal is to objectively observe the world rather than evaluate it.

Notes on speed

  • If you walk too fast, you won’t feel present.
  • If you walk too slow, you’ll feel more awkward.
  • When it’s just right, you’ll feel more present. Experiment until you find the right pace.

If you feel a bit zoned out after your walk, give yourself a bit of time to return to the “normal” world. Drinking water is always useful after doing any type of hypnosis.

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