Amsterdam pays alcoholics in beer

A private group in the city of Amsterdam has a new program to help alcoholics get back on their feet. No, it doesn’t involve hypnotherapy. It involves beer. This group hires alcoholics to keep the city clean, and most of the pay is in beer. This helps these men to drink less and helps prevent … Read more

An unusual way to eat less of a certain food

Brigham Young University (BYU) has shown that looking at too many food pictures can decrease your enjoyment of food. When I read this, I thought that it made sense. After all, in real life, when you eat, you’re only looking at your plate part of the time. Looking at many, many photos simulates spending … Read more

Fewer teens are smoking

A recent report shows that 5% of 10th graders smoked versus 18% at one point in the 1990s. And no, these sophomores didn’t use hypnosis to quit smoking. Fewer teens started smoking because of higher tobacco taxes.,0,7542363.story On a related note, I’ve read about factors that influence teens to behave in unhealthy ways. Some … Read more

Drink diet soda, gain weight

Plenty of people drink diet soda to reduce calories, because they believe it helps with weight loss. Purdue University researchers looked at recent studies on diet sodas, and they published an opinion piece that won’t sit well with (1) diet soda makers; (2) firms that produce artificial sweeteners; (3) firms that make the natural sweetener, … Read more

Drastic device to stop smoking

A man in Turkey has built a cage around his head to stop smoking. If he was in San Francisco, he could use hypnosis instead. But perhaps hypnosis is less popular in Turkey versus San Francisco. At first his story seems silly, but if you think about it more deeply, it’s a sad story. He … Read more

My hypnosis show is finally here!

After many months of learning video production, my hypnosis show is finally here! If you’re curious about what happens in a hypnosis session, here’s your chance to find out. The show’s name is Project Hypnosis. And as of last night, there are five episodes that range from 8 minutes to 18 minutes. My goal … Read more

Stressed? Say blah blah!

Here’s a quick technique that helps reduce stress. If anything here is confusing, please post a comment to the blog or contact me directly. Meet Carol, a manager at Jaberwocky Widgets, who is stressed about having to deliver some bad news to her boss, Lewis. Carol thinks, “Lewis will be soooooo incredibly upset. I don’t … Read more

Hypnosis pricing update

I mentioned prices would change in February, but I delayed that until today, March 4th. The new pricing is in the free hypnosis reports. If you’re already on my email list, you’ll receive an email with the updated pricing info. If you’re not on the list, please visit the home page to get your free … Read more

Hypnosis TV show update (03-04-13)

After many months of preparation, the first hypnosis session for the Web episode finally got filmed last week! I do realize that it’ll take work to get TV executives interested in a hypnosis show concept, but I’m excited to be seeing progress. If you know someone in the San Francisco Bay Area that’s open to … Read more