The FAQ videos are short clips answering common hypnosis questions.

Project Hypnosis is my Web series showing actual client sessions and more.

  • My goal is to demystify hypnosis by showing clients in session.
  • Some episodes will teach practical hypnosis skills.
  • And I show that humor can lead to faster change.


FAQ Videos

“What is hypnosis?”
This video gives a basic answer in just over one minute.

“How does it feel? Is it safe?”
This one describes the different ways people experience hypnosis, from a feeling of lightness, heaviness, etc.

“Can everyone be hypnotized?”
That’s a great question. Watch and find out.

Project Hypnosis Videos

Project Hypnosis, Ep 1, Shame.
This episode shows a client who has suffered from shame for decades.

Project Hypnosis, Ep 2, Shame. Little Me Speaks.
The “Little Me” subconscious part speaks with us from episode 1.

Project Hypnosis, Ep 3, Shame. And Shame Says.
The client’s “Shame” part speaks with us from episode 2.

Project Hypnosis, Ep 4, Shame. Passing on Wisdom.
The younger subconscious part speaks with the adult part from episode 3.

Project Hypnosis, Ep 5, Shame. Conclusion.
It’s time to find out what happens. (Continued from episode 4.)


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