I’ve divided this section into books, audio, and video.

Book: Healing and Hypnosis
Subtitle: Self-Hypnosis for Health Issuses Or A Complementary and Alternative Medicine Approach for Pain, Weight Loss, to Stop Smoking, etc.

In this book, I briefly share how chronic pain could have ended my career in the financial field and how hypnosis helped me to heal.

In part one, I discuss the basics of hypnosis including how it works. In part two, I share techniques you can use to enter hypnosis and how you can speak to your own subconscious mind to resolve problems. I also include stress reduction techniques.

In part three and four, I discuss how to write your own hypnosis script to solve problems and reach goals. And in the bonus section, I include a few scripts to help with allergies, chronic pain, clearing the mind, healing, pre-surgery and post-surgery healing, and weight management.

To order the book, please visit Or you can order it from your local bookstore.

Audio: Clarity of Mind, version 2.0 (MP3)
Many people have experienced my original Clarity of Mind product. Right now I’m working on version 2.0.

Video: Project Hypnosis (my show )
This show is my Web series showing actual client sessions and more.

  • My goal is to demystify hypnosis by showing clients in session.
  • Some episodes will teach practical hypnosis skills.
  • And I show that humor can lead to faster change.

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Video: FAQ
The FAQ videos are just what they sound like: short clips answering common hypnosis questions.

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