Do You Want to Stop Smoking or Lose Weight… without the Cravings or Stress?

(At this time, all sessions and classes are available by phone and Zoom video sessions.)

If you want to stop smoking, lose weight, or change a behavior, hypnosis can help. In fact, it’s helped thousands of people.

You might be wondering…

  • What is hypnosis? What does it feel like?
  • How does hypnosis work? Can I be hypnotized?
  • How much does it cost? How many sessions will I need?

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Free Report:
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“William Song’s skill as a hypnotherapist enabled me to stop smoking after over 40 years of trying to be free of the habit. He helped me deal with underlying issues that had left me chained to the habit, and after our sessions together, I am free of the unwanted addiction of cigarettes.

“In addition, William helped me with post-surgery pain so that I was able to heal more quickly and easily, without relying on drugs unnecessarily‚Ķ and I recommend William Song to anyone with issues with smoking or pain.”

Diana Ruth Nichols

To see an actual client session, watch this video. It’s the first episode of my Web series, Project Hypnosis.

Project Hypnosis, Ep 1, Shame
This episode shows a client who has suffered from shame for decades.

Besides the show, I also have some brief FAQ videos.

“What is hypnosis?”
This video gives a basic answer in just over one minute.

“How does it feel? Is hypnosis safe?”
This one describes the different ways people experience hypnosis, from a feeling of lightness, heaviness, etc. And if you’re wondering why my hands are raised in the snapshot below, you’ll need to watch it to find out. : )

“Can everyone be hypnotized?”
That’s a great question. Watch and find out.

To your good health and happiness,

William Song