“Normally I’m a happy person with high self-esteem. But there was a time when everything seemed to go wrong. I suffered from stress and anxiety, and it began to hurt my self-esteem.

“I’d read about hypnosis and believed in it. But I felt I couldn’t get to my subconscious mind. William taught me how to reach my subconscious, and I reduced my stress, gained back my confidence, and got some old habits out of my head.

“And the best part was William helped me overcome those issues with great ease.”

– Andrea Patterson
Software Engineer

(Currently all sessions and classes are by phone or on Zoom, as I no longer have a physical office in downtown San Francisco.)

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Helping clients throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area… as well as worldwide since I’m now working 100% virtual.

Email, Phone, and a Pricing Note
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Ph: (415) 421-7200

If you’re curious about the different prices available, see my free report. The report is on the home page(Just scroll down on the home page to see it.) The report also answers many other questions.