“Normally I’m a happy person with high self-esteem. But there was a time when everything seemed to go wrong. I suffered from stress and anxiety, and it began to hurt my self-esteem.

“I’d read about hypnosis and believed in it. But I felt I couldn’t get to my subconscious mind. William taught me how to reach my subconscious, and I reduced my stress, gained back my confidence, and got some old habits out of my head.

“And the best part was William helped me overcome those issues with great ease.”

– Andrea Patterson
Software Engineer

(At this time, all sessions and classes are available by phone and Zoom video sessions.)

My office is inside the historic Flood Building in downtown San Francisco, across from the Westfield Centre.

Also, remember: If you read the free report before contacting me, you’ll qualify for a free consultation.
So please read the free report before contacting me. The free report is on the home page. (Just scroll down on the home page to see it.)

870 Market St.
Suite 851
San Francisco, CA 94102

Email, Phone, and a Pricing Note
Email: wsong [“@” symbol] (and see the pricing note below)
Ph: (415) 421-7200

If you’re curious about the different prices available, see my free report. The report is on the home page(Just scroll down on the home page to see it.) The report also answers many other questions.

Parking and Driving Directions
Here are the closest parking garages. Each garage website also has driving directions. If you have questions about driving directions, feel free to ask me.

Ellis O’Farrell Garage (between Powell and Stockton)
See their site for rates, etc.

After you walk out of the garage onto Ellis, you may enter my building at 71 Ellis (to the right of John’s Grill). This will save you a few steps versus walking to 870 Market Street.

5th and Mission Garage
See their site for rates, etc.

Public Transportation
If you take the BART (subway), exit at the Powell Street station. My building is at the corner of Market and Powell. You may also enter at 71 Ellis if you exit near the Apple Store.