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If you are enrolled in a hypnosis program, this page will have technical information including:

  • How to download an MP3
  • How to listen to an MP3 (very important)

How to download an MP3

On Freedcamp, please download the MP3s to your computer or device.

  1. In Freedcamp, click on the “Files” tab near the upper left.
  2. You’ll see your MP3s.
  3. On the right side, you’ll see three boxes: a dashed box with a downward arrow, a pencil, and a trash can.
  4. Click on the dashed box with a downward arrow to download your MP3s.

If you have questions on how to download, please ask me.

How to listen to an MP3

For most sessions, I suggest the following plan for the MP3s (unless I suggest otherwise during session).

Listen in a quiet and private place.

1. Listen to them over a day or two as you’re gently walking or standing.

  • This prevents you from going into deep hypnosis.
  • If you’re walking outside, do so in a safe area rather than a crowded busy street.
  • It’s fine to take breaks, even in the middle of a segment.

2. After you finish the entire session’s MP3s, listen to them a second time while sitting or laying down.

  • This will help you go into hypnosis for this second listening

If you wish to take notes on any of the MP3s, that’s a cool thing to do as well during or right after listening.

  • After you finish, walk around and drink some water to return to a fully conscious state.
  • Do not immediately drive, operate farm equipment, or┬ádo anything that requires focus.
  • This “awakening” stage may take a few minutes. Ease back into the regular world.

Q. “Can I listen to an MP3 in chunks instead of in one sitting?”

Yes, it’s fine to listen for a few minutes here and there over a day or two or three. If your session MP3s are long, you may even take a few days if needed.

Q. “Does it matter if I fall asleep? Can I use it right before bed and let it play as I sleep?”

Please do not use right before bed. The MP3s are not designed for sleep.

Exception: For a small, small number of clients, I will design an MP3 to be used during sleep. But if I do, it’s a decision we make together.

A special sleep time MP3 is designed very differently than the usual session MP3s that 99% of my clients receive. The subconscious mind works differently in the waking hours versus sleeping hours. So, it makes sense that the design of an MP3 would need to take that into account.

Q. “I’m having trouble listening to the MP3. I sometimes fall asleep even though it’s daytime. Or sometimes I stay awake, but I’ll mentally check out or feel zoned out. I can miss a few minutes here and there. What can I do?”

For both the sleeping and zoning issues, you can stand during certain portions of the MP3. You may also want to move a ball or small object from hand to hand. This will keep you a bit more conscious while still allowing you to focus on the MP3. The repetitive movement can also be soothing for some.

For some MP3s, you will zone out despite your best efforts. It’s simply part of the design. And that’s okay.

And remember, there are two types of listening.

The first listening is as conscious as possible.

The second listening is more of a zoned out state. You don’t have to try to stay consciously focused. Your subconscious is the one we’re talking to, and it will absorb things even if your conscious mind is checked out.

Zoning out, or feeling checked out, is a good state to be in. It’s not sleep, and it’s not being super alert. It’s in that sweet spot, the in between state. And in that state, creating change is easier.

Q. “How quickly do I listen to the MP3 after the session? Does it matter?”

Please start your session MP3s within one to three days for a stronger effect.

  • Do not wait too long!
  • The sooner you can listen, the better for your progress.
  • Even if all you can spare is a few minutes, at least get started. Build momentum.

You care about your progress, and listening in a timely manner increases your progress.

And please read this MP3 section again, as sometimes clients miss an important detail such as how many times to listen to the MP3s, what to do after listening, etc. So please read this section again. Thank you!