Punched in the face

At age 11, the bully and I met near my house after school. (By the way, before you read any further, take a moment to think about an issue you’d like to resolve. Then this hypnotic story will be more useful and not simply a regular story. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.) Why … Read more

How to take action more easily – skin breathing

Have you been avoiding a task? Here’s a way to get started on it. Skin Breathing Technique 1. Think of the task you’ve been avoiding but want to do right now. 2. Set a timer for two minutes. (Later you can adjust the duration.) 3. Close your eyes. 4. Do three cycles of gentle yet … Read more

British accent meets inner critic

Last time, I shared a simple way to handle your inner critic. That link is below.http://habitproject.com/2020/handling-your-inner-critic.html Here’s another way to handle your inner critic. Have it speak with a British accent. Or a French accent. Or if you’re British, try an American accent. In other words, if you speak with an accent when you hear … Read more

Handling your inner critic

We all have an inner critic, a voice that says, “You don’t deserve X… You’re not good enough… Who would want to be with you… You’re doing it wrong… Who do you think you are?” I’ve heard these lines in my head. Perhaps you have, too. For some people, it just feels like reality. They … Read more

Research for flow state pilot for writers

Hello Writers! I’m interviewing writers to get feedback as I design a “writer’s flow state” pilot. I’ll offer the class via Zoom. Recently, I’ve interviewed writers, and they’ve shared their challenges. And I’d like to interview a few more to get more perspectives. For me, “writer’s flow state” means being fully immersed in the present … Read more

SHIFT Program, a different way to solve issues (part three)

In part two, we talked about what happened to the fictional person, Jane Smith. Today, let’s discuss the SHIFT Program. As I mentioned, SHIFT stands for Self-Hypnosis Identity Formation Techniques. And for many years, I’ve helped private clients shift and form their identity, so they can live how they wish to live. For many clients, … Read more

SHIFT Program, a different way to solve issues (part two)

In the last post, I mentioned the fictional person, Jane Smith. Let’s continue the story. What’s really happening with Jane? It turns out that she had some rather traumatic experiences as a child. And her subconscious mind did its best to protect her. Unfortunately, the protections came with a heavy price. And the list of … Read more

SHIFT Program, a different way to solve issues (part one)

We’re taught to confront our problems, work on our problems,solve our problems. To most people, the idea of ignoring problemsseems… well, just plain wrong. In the SHIFT Program, we’ll mainly ignore problems in order tosolve them. Yes, I admit that does sound rather odd. SHIFT stands for Self-Hypnosis Identity Formation Techniques. Rather than look at … Read more

COVID-19, new programs, and I still do virtual sessions

With this pandemic, some are just trying to survive. Others see opportunities for self-improvement, etc. I’ve been thinking of what I can do to help both types of people. And I decided it’s time to begin rolling out free virtual group programs and some paid programs. Of course, I’ll continue to offer private sessions. Temporarily, … Read more