Saigon surprise

Holly (my wife) and I went on vacation to Vietnam, and she booked us a food tour in the city of Saigon. We went with a company called “Back of the Bike.” They drive you on the back of a scooter to each location, and they share and explain the food that they like. Before … Read more

The Raisin

If you desire one of the items below, this technique will help. You want to lose weight. You want to feel happier and more peaceful. You want to decrease someone’s ability to press your buttons, i.e., you get less upset around a certain person no matter what they do. You want to win the lotto. … Read more

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Last year in 2016, I did something I’ve rarely done since my 16th birthday: I celebrated my birthday. At my sister’s home in Los Angeles, four of us sat having dinner: my sister, her husband, my mom, and me. Last year I’d spent some unexpected time in L.A. to help my family. My sister had … Read more