Day 19 of 21: I fell flat on my face.

Fairly soon upon became a hypnotherapist, I had business consulting clients from San Francisco hire me. They weren’t hiring me to be the company’s hypnotist. They wanted me to apply my hypnotherapy, business, and finance skills, not actually hypnotize their executives or staff. My corporate clients wanted something beyond what they could find in traditional … Read more

Day 18 of 21: Systems thinking, yawn

Want to quickly shut down a conversation at a party? Start talking about systems thinking. Most people will politely excuse themselves. That’s why I don’t bring up systems thinking when I first meet someone. I politely wait at least two minutes. Kidding, mostly. I don’t recall when I started thinking in systems or in structural … Read more

Day 15 of 21: Alcohol. Too much TV.

Except for a very brief alcohol experiment in my 20s, I’ve rarely had alcohol in my glass before or since. When it’s been in my glass, it’s usually because we were all raising our glass during a wedding toast or some celebration. While everyone raised their glass and drank their wine, I’d raise my glass … Read more