COVID-19, new programs, and I still do virtual sessions

With this pandemic, some are just trying to survive. Others see opportunities for self-improvement, etc. I’ve been thinking of what I can do to help both types of people. And I decided it’s time to begin rolling out free virtual group programs and some paid programs.

Of course, I’ll continue to offer private sessions. Temporarily, I’m not going to my office. Instead, I’m seeing clients through virtual private sessions (i.e., phone or video calls). I’ve been offering virtual sessions for about 17 years. And what I’ve learned is that for most people, a session at my office is pretty similar to a phone session in terms of effectiveness.

If you’re just trying to survive, keep going, because at some point, the pandemic will pass. If you’re in a more fortunate position, consider helping a neighbor or group (safely, of course); and perhaps strengthen some area of your life, coming out stronger once the storm passes.

For either type of person, or the person that’s in the middle, I’m here to help. If there’s an issue you’d like to address, then there’s a good chance others have the same issue.

Not everything needs to be done in private sessions. Many issues can be addressed in a group program.

So, if there’s something you’d like me to offer, please post it in the comment box. Or if you prefer to contact me privately, please do. Some new programs will emerge from your ideas and the ideas of others who have read this post.

Contact info is below if you prefer to contact me privately with ideas.
Phone: 415-421-7200
Email: wsong [“@” symbol]

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