Why Do We Succeed or Fail? (Part 3)

In part 3, I’ll expand upon a hypnosis model of change and share what Fred can do. Before you read part 3, please read parts 1 and 2.



Let’s do a quick recap.
In part 2, we found that Fred’s [Net Motivation Level] was 3, and that was lower than the [Hurdle Level] of 7. That meant that Fred wouldn’t succeed.

What could Fred have done differently to give a better effort to winning his election at the lodge?

[Net Motivation Level] = [Motivation Level] – [Block Level]

In this equation, we have two variables we can change.
We can change [Motivation Level] and [Block Level], and both run from 0 to 10.

Since Fred’s [Motivation Level] is 10 out of 10, he’s maxed out. That means we can only adjust the [Block Level] of 7.

  • So his [Net Motivation Level] = 10 – 7 = 3.
  • And the [Net Motivaiton Level] has to be higher than his [Hurdle Level] which is 6.

Let’s assume that the [Hurdle Level] of 6 is not controlled by Fred. So in our example, Fred can only change the [Block Level].

So the obvious question becomes, “How can Fred reduce the [Block Level]?”
Well, his [Block Level] of 7 is pretty high, and that means his issue is a bit tricky.

You may recall that Fred’s subconscious mind felt a lot of pain during his junior high school election. After losing that election, his subconscious said, “I worked so hard and lost! I never want to feel this pain, again!”

And that powerful lesson affected the rest of Fred’s life. And it caused him to lose the recent election at his lodge.

By using hypnosis, Fred can drain the emotional power of the junior high school memory.

  • Once the pain has drained away, his [Net Motivation Level] of 3 will increase enough to exceed the [Hurdle Level] of 6.
  • In a best case scenario, his [Net Motivation Level] may even reach 10.

Instead of his subconscious saying, “Never again!” and avoiding taking an emotional risk, his subconscious mind will start saying, “Some risks are worth taking.”
Now if Fred were to ever run for office again, he’d have a much better chance of winning, because he’s let go of his painful memory and replaced it with a learning experience. He’s now at peace with the junior high school election.

But even more importantly, Fred will be more open to going for his other life goals. He’ll weigh the risk versus reward, and he’ll be more open to taking certain risks in order to life a better life.

If you have a lot of mental struggle in achieving a goal, it’s possible you have a subconscious block.
If you want to reach a goal more easily, hypnosis may be able to help. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below. Or if you’d like to discuss this post in more detail, I’m happy to have a quick phone call. I love talking about hypnosis.

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