Hypnosis TV show update (10-19-12)

Four months ago (June 2012) I announced to my email list (and blog) that I wanted to create a hypnosis TV show. And I just want to thank all of you for your support. Last month I had three great conversations. I met a hypnotherapist who’s a former radio producer who’s happy to share her … Read more

Part 2: To accelerate progress, build a better relationship with yourself

In part 1, you learned how to chat with your subconscious mind (SCM) to get to know yourself  better. That skill is useful to quit smoking, lose weight, or solve other issues through hypnosis. Next it’s time to help your subconscious to see different possibilities. Because right now the subconscious has a limited point-of-view. If the subconscious … Read more

Baseball player, Josh Hamilton, wants to quit chewing tobacco

Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton recently released a statement saying that the issue he’s been dealing with is discipline, including not having enough discipline to quit chewing tobacco. Josh, this hypnosis post is for you. When you struggle with a habit, whether it’s wanting to quit chewing tobacco, to quit smoking, or wanting to lose weight, … Read more

Part 1: To accelerate progress, build a better relationship with yourself

Let’s say that you learned self-hypnosis from a book or video. You’re feeling pretty relaxed each day, but nothing’s changing. The issue remains, and you’re thinking, “Hey, I thought self-hypnosis was supposed to help me solve my problem. What’s going on?” Self-hypnosis can help, but it depends upon what type of self-hypnosis you’re doing. If … Read more

Part 1: Kristen Stewart cheats with Rupert Sanders, and the bigger hypnosis question

Recently the actress, Kristen Stewart, was caught having an affair with her married director (“Snow White and the Huntsman”), Rupert Sanders. When celebrities cheat, people judge them assuming it’s about lust. But sometimes it’s deeper. Each of us has two minds. We have the conscious mind; the adult that’s responsible, logical, and cares about the … Read more

Sleep helps us in surprising ways

As a San Francisco hypnotherapist working downtown, I mainly see busy professionals. And these busy people often fall into one of two categories. 1. They’re sleep deprived and know it. 2. They’re sleep deprived and don’t know it. Most of them don’t ask for help with their sleep. But they’ll often report that they’re sleeping … Read more

Health care law and CAM providers

This post is more geared toward complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) providers, though the general public is welcome to read this, too. In my previous two blog posts about the health care law (July 2, 2012), I said it could increase spending on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) while decreasing costs. Today I’ll discuss a … Read more

Trouble sleeping? Let your iPhone help

You may know that people use hypnosis, acupuncture, sleeping pills, and even food to help with sleep. But a cell phone? I found out about this free app on Mashable.com. http://mashable.com/2012/07/11/zeo-sleep-101 Zeo Inc. (a technology company focused on sleep) just launched Sleep101 for the iPhone. Here’s the itunes link. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sleep101/id524193798 If you’ve seen sleep equipment, … Read more