Meditation reduces wrinkles

Many people know that meditation (i.e., hypnosis) has many health benefits, but it can also make you look younger. Charlie Knoles, a Vedic Meditation instructor, has been meditating since age 4. He’s now 37, but people tell him he looks like he’s in his 20s. Knoles cited a study of short and long-term meditators. Compared to … Read more

Michigan stay-at-home mom loses 140 pounds through hypnosis

You’ve likely heard of gastric bypass surgery, bariatric surgery, or getting your stomach stapled. That’s when the surgeon shrinks your stomach so you can’t hold as much food. Well, hypnosis gastric bypass (HGB) is a mental version of that surgery. You don’t actually do any surgery. But during hypnosis the subconscious mind believes that you are … Read more

Part three: The subconscious mind can lie

In part two, Harry had found peace. Now let’s talk about a big question. How do you know if your subconscious kid is lying? Sometimes it’s hard to know. But practicing self-hypnosis hones your skill. When you deal with family and friends, you can often get a sense if someone’s lying. Well, as you get to … Read more

Part two: The subconscious mind can lie

In the last post, we met Handsome Harry who sleeps around, a lot. The Macho Kid part of him thinks that he’s such a stud. But Realist Kid knows why Macho Kid pushes Harry to sleep around. It’s because Macho Kid doesn’t want Harry to ever get dumped by a woman. You see, Harry’s dad left when he was … Read more

Part one: The subconscious mind can lie

In the hypnosis world, hypnotists know that the subconscious mind can tell untruths or lie. But to non-hypnotists, that sounds strange, right? Actually, if you think of the subconscious mind as being made up of 100 kids, it makes sense. I’m not saying the subconscious mind is literally composed of 100 kids; that would make your … Read more

Simple Countdown

Last year I was invited to teach a hypnosis class at a gym called Studiomix in San Francisco. They’re on Van Ness Ave. @ O’Farrell (inside the AMC movie theater). Just recently I taught the hypnosis weight loss class, and I felt good teaching in a room with glass walls versus my usual conference room walls. … Read more

The Change Equation

As a hypnotist, I usually hypnotize clients instead of talk about math. But I’d like to share a quick equation. Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, or change another habit, this equation can be a helpful framework. Below is a rough excerpt from my upcoming hypnosis book, The Change Equation. By the way, the math … Read more