Day 10 of 21: Magic and waffles

Oh, what happened? Man, I messed this up, big time. Lyndon, my 5-year-old nephew, had just shot me a withering look. He was. Not happy. What went wrong? I’ll get to that, but let’s rewind a few minutes. What a glorious afternoon! I had just performed an amazing set of magic tricks for Lyndon. Very … Read more

Day 9 of 21: Burning flesh and souvenirs

Flesh. Burning. Kitchen. My flesh. Burning. In the kitchen. 11 years old, and I had carelessly reached for something in the stove area. I never made that mistake, again. Had I known hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I could have handled the pain better, even reversed some of the tissue damage. (Yes, I’ve done that … Read more

Day 7 of 21: Party time, yeah nope

And now for a very different hypnotic story… Many moons ago, Friday night, music venue in San Francisco. Big party. The crowd. Altered state. Hypnosis not the reason, but alcohol in season. There, motion. Now commotion. Hard to hear… over the musical ocean. Huuummmmmm… Shhhhhhhoooohhhhhh. Huuummmmmm… Shhhhhhooooooooohhhh. “Amy” had fought with “Penny.” Words had stung, … Read more