Day 7 of 21: Party time, yeah nope

And now for a very different hypnotic story…

Many moons ago, Friday night, music venue in San Francisco. Big party.

The crowd. Altered state. Hypnosis not the reason, but alcohol in season.

There, motion. Now commotion. Hard to hear… over the musical ocean. Huuummmmmm… Shhhhhhhoooohhhhhh. Huuummmmmm… Shhhhhhooooooooohhhh.

“Amy” had fought with “Penny.” Words had stung, after the party had begun.

Reason why, doesn’t matter. Time to leave, says the latter.

But Penny, too much to drink. Her close friends, a choice: Penny home safely, or party fun now.

Such a weighty matter. The close friends… well, the latter.

From my view, my friend Penny in a taxi, unwise action. But her close friends, at party… well, party a better satisfaction…

Musical ocean. Huummmm… Shhhhhoooohhhh… Huuummmm… Shhhhooooohhhh…

Let’s sink deeper… Decision time… We’re all friends, just some closer than others…

Well, could I stand by? Something had to be done!

If her close friends wouldn’t help, I guess I’d be the one.

Me miss the party? Yeah, that stinks. But getting Penny home safely was bigger, I think.

Such a long taxi ride… Penny asleep, but no vomit inside. We finally, finally, finally arrive.

I walk her to the door. So she gets home okay.

Annoyed was I, by her close friends’ decision. Fun was their power source, their nuclear fission.

Perhaps our friends, did not share my dark vision. And my mind created the fear-based decision.

Was I too harsh in judging our friends? Point-of-view gets the say, ahem.

That night my imagination so vivid, my danger movie had played. Perhaps no one was betrayed.

Objective was I? Surely you jest. Not sure who was right, but I did what I thought best.

We peer through the fog, doing the best we can do. We blend fiction and truth, as we create our life stew.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 of 21: Party time, yeah nope”

    • I think I made the right decision, too. At the same time, I think our friends felt comfortable with just putting her in a taxi. Would she have been okay by herself in a taxi? Hard to say. But if our friends sincerely believed she was fine, then they weren’t being self-centered. It’s always possible my imagination was wrong.


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