Hypnosis and learning faster by using your arms

Imagine you’re attending a workshop, and you’re not absorbing the information quickly.

What could improve your learning speed? Here are two tips.

1. Put yourself into a relaxed state (i.e., hypnosis).
2. Keep your arms and legs uncrossed.

How do you put yourself into a relaxed state?
1. Relax your neck and shoulders.
– Gently move your head a bit to allow your neck to get into a
more comfortable position. Let your shoulders sink down.

2. Focus on having a slightly longer and deeper inhale and exhale.
– If you feel your attention wander, return to the breathing.

3. Allow your mind to focus on the speaker.
– Focus on the speaker, seeing and listening to him/her.

Earlier I mentioned keeping your arms and legs uncrossed. A 1989 study was done with 1,500 people during six different lectures. The group with folded arms reduced their retention by about 38%. Folded limbs = less learning. Keep your arms and legs uncrossed.

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