SHIFT Program, a different way to solve issues (part three)

In part two, we talked about what happened to the fictional person, Jane Smith.

Today, let’s discuss the SHIFT Program.

As I mentioned, SHIFT stands for Self-Hypnosis Identity Formation Techniques.

And for many years, I’ve helped private clients shift and form their identity, so they can live how they wish to live.

For many clients, they think, “I’m me. That’s just who I am.”

When I tell them they have a choice in shifting their identity, that they can create change on a much deeper level, it’s a radical idea for some clients.

Some clients like the idea of shifting their identity, and some do not. Some like the idea of solving many issues more elegantly, and some prefer to solve one problem at a time.

Rather than only offer identity shifting to private clients, I decided that I wanted to offer it to groups, too. But that’s a more challenging thing to do, at least in the way I wanted to offer it.

So, I’ve been working for quite some time on how to offer a group program. I’ve had to solve many puzzles along the way. Sometimes I wondered if I’d ever finish the group version.

Originally I was going to just launch the SHIFT Program for groups as a paid class, which is a normal way to do business.

But this week, I decided I wanted to offer a free version. Now, this free version is a much smaller version than the paid class. It’s more of a taste.

But in these strange times, I’ve had a desire to keep doing many free classes. So, I’m going to continue doing that until‚Ķ well, until I don’t.

I want as many people as possible to experience a taste of the SHIFT Program, hence the free intro class. I may do it twice, who knows. But for today, I’m going to do it at least once.

If you enroll in the free version, you may love it. You may hate it.

It might make you feel optimistic. It might make you upset.

I really don’t know how every person will react. For private clients, I’ve noticed a range of reactions. I suspect that could happen in a group, too.

But one thing I do know. You won’t be bored. And it’ll make you think.

If you’re a subscriber, you’ll soon be notified of the details of the free intro class. If you’re not a subscriber, you can become one and get notified of any upcoming classes. (Visit the home page for the email box.)

And who knows, you may even start shifting your identity‚Ķ even if it’s a simple intro class. I guess we’ll find out.

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