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Hello Writers!

I’m interviewing writers to get feedback as I design a “writer’s flow state” pilot. I’ll offer the class via Zoom.

Recently, I’ve interviewed writers, and they’ve shared their challenges. And I’d like to interview a few more to get more perspectives.

For me, “writer’s flow state” means being fully immersed in the present experience of writing.

  • My words flow more easily.
  • I’m not worried about other tasks, obligations, or what I’ll be doing later.
  • I’m simply in this moment. My thoughts turn into words, and I don’t have so much censorship or analysis.
  • My words flow. Time flies.

Now and then, we all experience the flow state, randomly.

  • But the pilot idea is about having the flow state on purpose, on demand.
  • Even if you only have a shorter time period available, you can get into flow and still be highly productive in that period.

Whether you’ve written ten novels, or have yet to publish a single article, I’d like to learn about your challenges.

As a thank you, at the end of the interview, I’ll share a simple technique that can help you enter the flow stateā€¦ with practice, of course; it’s not magic.

If this sounds interesting to you, please email me at WSong [the @ symbol]

  • In the subject line, simply put, “Flow state.”
  • And then we’ll set up the Zoom or phone call.

And if you know a writer, please feel free to forward this blog page to them. Thanks!

William Song

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