Solar plane to fly around the world on March 1st

What does this have to do with hypnosis? I’ll get to that in a moment. These pilots want to show what solar power can do, and this flight is a very cool idea even without the hypnosis angle.

It reminds me of why regular car companies build special race cars; it’s not to sell these race cars to the public. It’s so that the engineers can push their own limits and bring back some of that knowledge into building regular cars. These pilots and their team¬†pushed their imagination and their technical skills to the limit.

The plane (Solar Impulse 2) will have two pilots to fly it day and night. That’s right, a solar-powered plane will fly at night! There will be 12 stops along the way, so for most of the few months, they’ll be eating, sleeping, and using the toilet on the plane. That’s a lot of time in a cramped area, don’t you think?

And here’s the hypnosis connection. Both pilots have been trained in meditation and self-hypnosis; that will help them to remain calm and focused during this adventure.¬†Imagine flying practically all day and night for months with only one other person. I think the self-hypnosis and meditation will definitely come in handy for both pilots to manage their emotions.

They won’t be stopping in San Francisco, but the closest stop will be in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here’s the link to the story.

And here’s the link to the official site.

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