Sugar Addiction, Other Addiction

People call me and say they have a sugar addiction, food addiction, smoking problem, etc. In short, a fair number of people who contact me believe that they have an addiction. When I work with such a client, let’s say a sugar addict, I’ll sometimes reframe the addiction as a habit. This weakens their belief … Read more

Why Do We Succeed or Fail? (Part 3)

In part 3, I’ll expand upon a hypnosis model of change and share what Fred can do. Before you read part 3, please read parts 1 and 2. Let’s do a quick recap. In part 2, we found that Fred’s [Net Motivation Level] was 3, and that was lower than the [Hurdle Level] … Read more

Interview with Andrew Cohen, Chiropractor

Recently, I interviewed my chiropractor and colleague, Andrew Cohen. Even if you’re familiar with chiropractic, I think you’ll enjoy this interview. I didn’t ask about the technical aspects of his work, but as a patient, I would say that he has a gentler way of doing chiropractic, a softer touch. “What is a specialty of yours?” I … Read more

Interview with Jennifer Carino, acupuncturist

Recently, I interviewed my colleague, Jennifer Carino. She practices a different type of acupuncture in San Francisco. Even if you’re familiar with acupuncture, I think you’ll enjoy this interview. “What got you into the field of acupuncture?” I came from a family of healthcare providers and just grew up in that world. I was never fully interested … Read more

Ping Pong Technique

My hypnotherapy client said that he couldn’t meditate. He said he couldn’t stop thinking. Then it hit me… if he’s constantly thinking, then let’s use that to his advantage. And the Ping Pong Technique was born! If you can’t relax your mind, this one’s for you. If you can relax your mind, but you’d like to relax … Read more

Four-Count Breath

If you ever feel stress or want to procrastinate, then I’ve got a simple breathing technique for you. When you do the counting, each count is less than a second, so it’s not too fast nor too slow. Don’t worry about having it be perfect. Just go with the flow as best you can. 1. Inhale … Read more

Why Do We Succeed or Fail? (Part 2)

In part 2, I’ll present a hypnosis model of change. If you’ve ever said or done something that’s not your normal self, this model of change may shed some light. If you’ve ever wondered why sometimes success is easy and why sometimes it’s hard, this may shed some light. Before you read part 2, please read part … Read more

Why do we succeed or fail? (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered why people succeed in one area of life but struggle in a different area? Then keep reading. In the hypnosis world, some change models help people to quit smoking, lose weight, get rid of insomnia, etc. A change model explains what elements are needed for success and what elements block success. By learning … Read more

Why smoking is logical (part 2)

To recap from part one, Jane wants to quit smoking. But one part of her (Dom) wants to smoke, and Dom is stronger than the part that wants to quit (Tiny). Without even talking about hypnosis, how can Jane possibly quit smoking? If you need to catch up, here’s the link to part one. I’ll … Read more

Why smoking is logical (part 1)

When I meet a new hypnosis client who wants to quit smoking, I don’t have to tell them about all the negatives about smoking. They usually tell me, instead. But one interesting thing about smoking is that just knowing that it’s harmful doesn’t change the behavior. Some people will say that smokers are making bad … Read more